Saturday, 2 November 2013

Turfy Euros Breeders Cup Blog - Day 2

Some great results from Santa Anita for UK and Irish racing (3 winners), lady trainers (Jo Hughes), ex-jockeys (Willie Carson - owns Chriselium), tall jockeys (Richard Hughes - rode Chrisellium), and this blog yesterday (3 winners).

Now fingers crossed for a repeat performance tonight!

Have you noticed the multitude of kitteny names in the US that are given to horses?  I'm struggling to see the connotations.  I can understand Panther (pouncing at the last minute) or tiger (brave, game and fierce) but kitten (cute, fluffy and cuddly?)?   
Nope, I'm not getting it. Or do you think that more of the US owners let their daughters choose their racehorses names.....

....back to the matter in hand and I've reconsidered by stance on dirt!  As in yesterday I wouldn't entertain a runner who hadn't previously run on the substance despite their breeding and pedigree!  London Bridge bit me on the bum there so I'm hoping that Ms Hughes has given Mr O'Brien the benefit of her wisdom (hehe - girl power!) and have opted for Declaration of War over Game On Dude  in the big one.  In reality, I will probably back both though!

Here we go:

Dank  1st
Groupie Doll 1st
Mizdirection 1st
Havana 2nd
The Fugue 2nd
Justin Philip
No Jet Lag
Declaration Of War 3rd


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